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Today, Nachurs Alpine Solutions® (NAS) is a leading manufacturer of  liquid fertilizers in North America providing quality products since 1946. NAS has manufacturing plants in New Hamburg, Ontario; Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan; Marion, Ohio; Corydon, Indiana, Red Oak, Iowa and St. Gabriel, Louisiana.  NAS markets specialty precision liquid in-furrow starters, foliar fertilizers, and micronutrients for field and specialty crops under the ALPINE brand in Canada. NAS is owned by Wilbur Ellis.

Wilbur-Ellis, founded in 1921, is a leading international marketer and distributor of agricultural products, animal nutrients, and specialty chemicals and ingredients. Wilbur Ellis acquired NAS in November, 2019. Wilbur-Ellis and NAS share the same priorities. Both companies are absolutely committed to safety while delivering value for our customers. Increasingly, that means innovating and partnering with customers to improve their productivity and profitability, while at the same time helping them reduce their environmental footprint.

Today Wilbur Ellis, NAS, and ALPINE liquid fertilizers are positioned very well to serve the agricultural marketplace in Canada.  Locally manufactured products and global operational experience make NAS among most efficient producer of quality products. The future growth of the ALPINE Brand in the Canadian agricultural marketplace is enhanced by this position.


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ALPINE Brand plant nutrition is the leader in seed placed liquid fertilizer throughout Canada since 1973. All of our starter fertilizers are high in available orthophosphate to promote quick, early growth in all crops. We also manufacture and distribute a full line of foliar fertilizers as well as foliar and soil-applied micronutrients such as zinc, manganese, boron, copper, and molybdenum.


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