Foliar feeding is one of the most efficient methods of supplying nutrients during critical growing stages. ALPINE foliar fertilizers provide available N-P-K and chelated micronutrients to make a good crop even better or it can supply a deficient, stressed crop the proper nutrients for a quick recovery. ALPINE programs offer the following foliar products: micronutrients, N-P-K fertilizers, and slow release nitrogen products. These products can also be customized and combined to ensure crop success.

ALPINE foliars are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials on the market today and includes only available, chelated micronutrients to maximize foliar absorption.

ALPINE foliar micronutrients have proven to translocate quickly from the young leaves to the root system. This translocation promotes a healthier plant and a healthier root system. A healthier root system takes up more nutrients from the soil. In general, a healthier plant is a more profitable plant!

Pounds of soil applied nutrients replaced by one pound of foliar applied nutrient

NUTRIENT                   FOLIAR                   SOIL         
N 1 4
P 1 20
K 1 6
S 1 5 – 7
B 1 30
Cu 1 12
Mn 1 30
Mg 1 75
Zn 1 12

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