Phosphorus is critical for early growth

The availability of phosphorus is critical during early growth to get corn off to a quick and healthy start because phosphorus:

  • Needs to be available by the V6 growth stage for maximum yield potential
  • Is needed for strong root development
  • Encourages early plant growth for longer grower seasons (drier corn at harvest)

The final grain yield is influenced by tissue phosphorus concentration prior to the V6 growth stage, regardless of the phosphorus supply at later stages!

Orthophosphate vs.Polyphosphate

What is orthophosphate and polyphosphate? Orthophosphate fertilizers are immediately available to your corn plants. Plants can only absorb phosphorus in this form.

Polyphosphate fertilizers have to break down to the orthophosphate form, and this conversion takes time. A slow conversion in cold, wet soils hampers nutrient uptake, which can negatively affect yields!

ALPINE liquid fertilizers are 80-100% orthophosphate and are specifically manufactured to be placed directly on the seed!


Did you know?

  • Phosphorus is replaced twice a day or 300 times throughout the growing season
  • Seed placed phosphorus is the most efficient and economical solution for your fertilizer dollars—It is 40 times more concentrated than broadcast phosphorus!
  • Phosphorus will move less than 1/10th of an inch in the soil
  • Crop roots come into contact with approximately 2% of the soil area
  • Soil tests only represent 1-2% of the total phosphorus in the soil


Seed Placed 10 pounds
2” x 2” 40 pounds
Broadcast 400 pounds

Dr. Wilcox of Purdue University reported that 5 Ibs/A of phosphorus banded with the seed was equivalent to 20 Ibs/A of phosphorus two inches under the seed.

Source: Solutions Magazine, Sept/Oct 1988


Precision Placement

  • Seed-placed phosphorus is 40 times more efficient than broadcast placement!
  • Seed-placed phosphorus is 4 times more efficient than 2” x 2” placement.
  • 100 gallons of seed-placed starter will plant 20 acres of corn!