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Plant Uptake of the Phosphate

Plants absorb P as Orthophosphate ions H2P04– and HP042- Polyphosphates are a chain link molecule of orthos and are not available to the plant until conversion.

Source: Farm Facts –Phosphorous fertilization in crop production and TVA.


Polyphosphate Production

Super Phosphoric Acid (SPA) combined with NH3

Processed through a Pipe Reactor = 10-34-0 or 11-37-0

  • Chain Link Molecule of Orthophosphate
  • Unavailable to the plant in that form
  • Must convert to orthophosphate
  • Time and Temperature

ALPINE Production

White and Green Orthophosphate acid, KOH, Aqua Ammonia, APP and water

  • Chemically combined to form MKP, DKP, MAP and DAP
  • Hot mix reaction – Chemically combining the raw materials
  • MKP – very soluble and highly available
  • Neutralized to virtually non-corrosive state.






(11.7 lbs/gal) x (0.34) = 3.978 lbs P2O5/gallon
times 5 gal/AEquals 19.89 lbs P2O5/A
(11.1 lbs/gal) x (0.24) = 2.664 lbs P2O5/gallon
times 5 gal/AEquals 13.32 lbs P2O5/A
30% Ortho-phosphate
5.97 lbs/A in the Ortho-phosphate form
80% Ortho-phosphate
10.66 lbs/A in the Ortho-phosphate form
70% Poly-phosphate
13.92 lbs/A in the Poly-phosphate form
20% Poly-phosphate
2.67 lbs/A in the Poly-phosphate form
Even after 30 days, with a soil pH of 7.2, 50% of the phosphate will still
be in the Poly-Phosphate form, being unavailable for the crop to utilize.
TVA research.- high impurities
– high viscosity, hard meter evenly
– includes Micro package
– no urea
– low salt index, guaranteed seed safe
– low impurity level
– product storability
– low viscosity
– non-corrosive