Making the most efficient use of your dollars spent on crop nutrition is a constant goal of all growers today. As crop nutrition prices increase, each grower tries to maintain the balance between obtaining higher crop yields and staying within an overall crop inputs budget to obtain the highest possible profit level from each field.

We recognize this continual challenge that growers face each year as they prepare their crop plans for another growing season. Trying to bring about the economic balance with the natural and ever-changing environmental conditions has turned a lot of heads grey lately. We worked to develop the Maximizing Fertilizer Efficiency Program to solve this yearly dilemma. The program’s goal is to reduce risk from variable weather conditions by managing the nutritional requirements for the crop in a timely manner to maximize net profits this approach ensures the crop has the proper nutrition at each of its growth stages yet allows growers to be flexible in applying nutrients as the growing conditions vary during the season. The plant must have the proper nutrition to be able to succeed under a variety of adverse conditions.

The Maximizing Fertilizer Efficiency Program is used in conjunction with a grower’s base program of NPK and secondary nutrients. By using a base program the grower has the ability to apply the bulk of the crop nutrition needs according to their normal practice. By using the Maximizing Fertilizer Efficiency Program the grower delivers the rest of the crop nutritional needs in a timely cost effective manner that feeds the crop at the proper stage thereby providing efficient use of the applied nutrients.

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