ALPINE was established in 1973 by founder, Doug Wagner. He started producing liquid fertilizer in a shed in his backyard and initially sold his products to friends and neighbors in Ontario.  Word spread quickly about the results they were getting with this new product, and sales and production began to grow rapidly. 

By 1975, fertilizer was being shipped to Michigan and in 1976, shipments began to Ohio. In succeeding years, large volumes of product were shipped into the American marketplace and in order for ALPINE to meet this demand; a new manufacturing facility was built in 1983 in Corydon, Indiana.

In 1986, in order to keep up with the demand in the Canadian marketplace, a new office and warehouse was built in New Hamburg, Ontario, along with a new computerized mixing system.

Throughout the years, an extensive research program has been carried out, to ensure that the best products and programs are made available to our customers.  Over time, ALPINE has established itself as the leader in the liquid fertilizer business in Canada.

In 1996, Doug Wagner retired from the company to pursue other interests and ALPINE was sold to KRG Capital of Denver, Colorado.  In 1998, ALPINE was acquired by their biggest U.S. competitor, The Na-Churs Plant Food Company, to form Nachurs Alpine Solutions. Today, Nachurs Alpine Solutions is a leading manufacturer of “hot mix liquid fertilizers” in North America providing quality products since 1946. Nachurs Alpine Solutions has manufacturing plants in New Hamburg, Ontario; Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan; Marion, Ohio; Corydon, Indiana, Red Oak, Iowa and St. Gabriel, Louisiana.

Nachurs Alpine Solutions is now owned by TRI (Trans Resource International); a privately owned group of companies, based in Miami, Florida.  Trans Resource International is a diverse company, focused mainly on manufacturing companies in the agricultural marketplace.  Along with Nachurs Alpine Solutions, TRI also owns Haifa Chemicals, located in Israel.  Haifa Chemicals is involved in basic fertilizer manufacturing, and is considered a world class producer of potassium nitrate and
phosphoric acid.

Together these companies are positioned very well to serve the agricultural marketplace around the world.  ALPINE benefits from his global experienced operation and is positioned as the most efficient producer of quality products.  The future growth of the ALPINE Brand in the North American agricultural marketplace is enhanced by this position.


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