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    ALPINE Placement Product Reference Sheet MSDS

    Nutrients Supplied
    Total Nitrogen (N) 0.055
    Available Phosphate (P2O5) 0.164
    Soluble Potash (K2O) 0.437

    Product Properties 
    Weight 1.24 kg/L
    Specific gravity 1.24 kg/L
    pH 7.0-8.5
    Appearance clear water white liquid
    Odor no odor, or mild ammonia

    Soybeans have a critical need for phosphorus and potassium from germination through reproductive stages, where maximum yield potential is determined.

    ALPINE HKW6® fertilizer ensures that the soybean plant has adequate available phosphorous and potassium to aid maximum yield potential.

    Give your soybean plant a strong and uniform emergence with ALPINE HKW6 seed placed starter. When used as a foliar fertilizer, and applied to the plant foliage, the nutrients are absorbed quickly throughout the plant for healthier soybeans to maximize yields. ALPINE HKW6 fertilizer can also be tank-mixed with most glyphosates and fungicides to save soybean growers time and money. A jar test is always required to determine compatibility.

    ALPINE HKW6 fertilizer is manufactured by utilizing quality raw materials to provide a very agronomically efficient source of N-P-K. The quality of the raw materials used to formulate ALPINE HKW6 fertilizer:

    • Contains K-Tech™
    • Promotes quick, uniform
    • Allows good cold weather storage
    • Optimizes plant health
    • Non-corrosive
    • Clean, easy handling
    • Safe on plant foliage

    One hundred percent of the phosphate is present in the orthophosphate form that is immediately available for plant absorption and metabolism. During times of limited phosphate and potassium availability (eg: cold and wet spring soil conditions present at planting), ALPINE HKW6 fertilizer provides a phosphate and potassium source that is positionally and nutritionally available.

    In-Furrow Recommendations

    Row Width CEC %OM Max L/Ac
    30" 18↑ 3.0↑ 6**
    30" 17.9-12 3.0↓ 8**
    15"-22" 18↑ 3.0↑ 11
    15"-22" 17.9-12 3.0↓ 9
    6"-8" 12↑ 2.0↑ 19

    **Confer with ALPINE Distributor or ALPINE DSM if a splitter is being


    Apply 8-16 L per acre with adequate water at the 5th trifoliate, and then 8-16 L per acre with adequate water again at R3.

    **Additional crop nutrients such as ALPINE micronutrients and slow release nitrogen can be added, as well as most herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides. Always perform a jar test for compatibility.

    For more specific guidelines, consult with your authorized ALPINE Dealer or ALPINE District Sales Manager for fertility recommendations.

    Product Specifications
    applicationMethod Foliar Nutrition
    applicationMethod In-Furrow Starter
    nutrients.nitrogen 0.055
    nutrients.phosphate 0.164
    nutrients.potash 0.437
    nutrients.sulfur 0