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    ALPINE K-Thio®


    ALPINE K-Thio Product Reference Sheet MSDS

    Nutrients Supplied
    Total Nitrogen (N) 0.00
    Available Phosphate (P2O5) 0.00
    Soluble Potash (K2O) 0.81
    Sulfur (S) 0.551

    Product Properties 
    Weight 1.47 kg/L
    Specific gravity 1.47 kg/L
    Appearance clear, pale yellow liquid
    Odor slight sulfur odor

    ALPINE K-Thio liquid fertilizer maximizes plant nutrient solubility and minimizes corrosion while providing good cold weather storage and plant safety when utilized as recommended. ALPINE K-Thio liquid fertilizer can be applied as a side-dressed or fertigation application at recommended rates. Please consult your ALPINE Dealer or District Sales Manager for specific placement and application guidelines. ALPINE K-Thio liquid fertilizer can be deep-placed, side-dressed with 28% or 32% UAN (may require additional water) through a pivot, or by itself to provide potassium at the critical growth stage when soil uptake is limited.

    Mixing Instructions

    ALPINE K-Thio liquid fertilizer can mix with many crop production products.

    • in a small container prior to full scale mixing,  proportionally mix all the components to confirm  compatibility.
    • thorough mixing of all blends is important
    • temperature and storage time can influence the  degree of success
    • mix only the amount that will be immediately used
    • long-term storage is not suggested 
    Mixing Procedure:
    • add ½ of total water to spray tank
    • start recirculation in the tank
    • add micronutrients and/or any other flowable material
    • add any soluble powder first pre-mixing with water
    • add the recommended amount of ALPINE liquid fertilizer
    • add remaining water volume and continue recirculation prior to spraying


    Application Instructions


    Deep place 4-12L/ac ALPINE K-Thio liquid fertilizer at planting time 3-4” to side and 3” deep with nitrogen (may need additional water) or other ALPINE N-P-K analysis.


    Side-dress 4-20L/ac ALPINE K-Thio liquid fertilizer 6-8” to side with nitrogen* or other ALPINE N-P-K analysis.


    In irrigation, use 4-12 L/ac of ALPINE K-Thio liquid fertilizer with 28% nitrogen.*

    *Mix 4 L/ac of ALPINE K-Thio liquid fertilizer with 36 L/ac of 28% nitrogen with no additional water needed. If more concentrated mixes are required, water should be added. This applies to deep-placed, side-dressed, and irrigation practices.

    Application & Use Procedures

    Apply Foliar:

    1-2 L/ac. Do NOT exceed recommended rates.

    ALPINE K-Thio liquid fertilizer should NOT be applied in-furrow. ALPINE K-Thio liquid fertilizer can be blended with other ALPINE N-P-K products for foliar application, but should NOT be applied by itself.


    The following conditions must be observed in order to apply ALPINE liquid fertilizer for foliar applications. Failure to follow these instructions may result in damage to the plants.

    • DO use ALPINE liquid fertilizer under conditions of optimum plant growth including highest  humidity, moderate temperature and adequate soil moisture
    • DO use sufficient water to provide thorough coverage
    • DO consult with your local ALPINE District Sales Manager to determine pesticides which are  compatible with ALPINE liquid fertilizer
    • DO consult your local ALPINE District Sales Manager for rate and application instructions.
    • DO use a small jar or container prior to full scale mixing to proportionally mix all the  components to confirm compatibility
    • DO NOT use when the crop is under stress from pests, heat or inadequate soil moisture
    • DO NOT apply during the heat of the day
    • DO NOT spray to run off or to visible drop coalescence
    • DO NOT mix with calcium containing products unless calcium is fully EDTA chelated.

    For more specific guidelines, consult with your authorized ALPINE Dealer or ALPINE District Sales Manager for fertility recommendations.
    Product Specifications
    nutrients.nitrogen 0
    nutrients.phosphate 0
    nutrients.potash 0.81
    nutrients.sulfur 0.551
    applicationMethod Speciality