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    ALPINE K20-S®



    ALPINE K20-S Product Reference Sheet MSDS

    Nutrients Supplied
    Total Nitrogen (N) 0.338
    Soluble Potash (K2O) 2.253
    Sulfur (S) 0.901

    Micronutrients (pounds/gallon)
    Boron (B) 0.023
    Calcium (Ca) 0.006
    Manganese 0.011

    Product Properties 
    Weight 11.27 lb/gal
    Specific gravity 1.35 kg/L
    pH 8.5-10.5
    Appearance slight rose color
    Odor slight ammonia


    General Product Information

    Foliar application of ALPINE K20-S liquid fertilizer can increase yields, but should only be considered as a supplement to a balanced soil-applied nutrient program. ALPINE K20-S is powered by K-Tech™ the ultimate in potassium technology, only from ALPINE.

    Potassium : Potassium teams with nitrogen and sulfur to produce protein essential for proper plant growth. The addition of potassium to your crop nutrition program provides the following:

    • helps increase drought resistance
    • helps develop stronger stalks and stems
    • maintains a healthy plant metabolism
    • assists in photosynthesis
    • helps translocation within the plant
    • increases protein and starch levels within the plant
    • aids in fighting diseases

    Sulfur is needed to produce amino acids which are required to make proteins and enzymes.

    Calcium is very critical in the production of crops. It improves the absorption of nutrients by roots and their translocation within the plant.

    Boron is critical to move carbohydrates from the leaves to the fruit.

    Manganese plays a vital role in photosynthesis and general plant tissue health.

    Foliar applications of ALPINE K20-S liquid fertilizer has the advantage of allowing producers to add necessary nitrogen, potassium, sulfur and micronutrients when:

    1. Tissue analysis indicates a N, K or micronutrient shortage
    2. Large fruit or grain load is expected
    3. Deficiency N, K, S or micronutrient symptoms appear

    ALPINE K20-S liquid fertilizer may be mixed with other fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides. Always jar test to determine compatibility.


    Mixing Instructions

    • Fill tank with 1/2 of required water
    • Start agitation and continue agitation during filling and spray application
    • Add other products to be tank making sure they are completely mixed
    • Begin adding remaining water while adding the ALPINE K20-S liquid fertilizer


    Foliar Rates

    ALPINE K20-S liquid fertilizer is recommended for use on the following crops:

    • Corn (Field): Apply 2 gallons per acre on the young plant when sufficient foliage is present. Apply 1-2 gallons per acre at tasseling and/or again after pollination.
    • Alfalfa : Apply 1-2 gallons to the crown at early green-up and then again after each cutting allowing for sufficient regrowth.
    • Canola: Apply 3-5 gallons per acre at bud to bolting stage.
    • Sugar Beets: Apply 1-2 gallons prior to row canopy closing or anytime tissue tests indicate additional potassium is needed.
    • Dry Beans: Apply 1/2-1 gallon per acre at early bloom.
    • Potatoes : Apply 2 gallons per acre at tuber initiation and repeat at tuber bulking.
    • Small Grains: Apply 1-2 gallons per acre at tillering to early boot stage.
    • Soybeans: Apply 1-2 gallons per acre at the R2 – R4 growth stages.

    NOTE: These recommendations are believed to be reliable and should be followed carefully. Failure to follow label directions or improper application practices all of which are out of control of the manufacture or seller can result in plant or leaf damage. Crop injury may occur from unusual weather conditions. The user assumes all risk of use and handling. Do not apply ALPINE K20-S liquid fertilizer to any crop sensitive to sulfur as plant or leaf injury may occur. It is always best to apply ALPINE K20-S liquid fertilizer early in the morning or late evening. Applications made during periods of high temperature (> 30°C) or low humidity (< 30%) can result in plant and leaf tissue damage.

    ALPINE K20-S liquid fertilizer may be used foliar anytime additional nutrition is needed. Use enough water to ensure good coverage.

    For more specific guidelines, consult with your authorized ALPINE Dealer or ALPINE District Sales Manager for fertility recommendations.

    Product Specifications
    applicationMethod Foliar Nutrition
    nutrients.nitrogen 0.377
    nutrients.potash 2.247
    nutrients.sulfur 0.899
    nutrients.phosphate 0
    micronutrients.boron Y
    micronutrients.calcium Y
    micronutrients.manganese Y