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    ALPINE MicroBolt Cu®


    ALPINE MicroBolt Cu Product Reference Sheet MSDS

    Nutrients Supplied
    Total Nitrogen (N)
    Copper (Cu)

    Product Properties 
    Weight 1.26 kg/L
    Specific gravity 1.26 kg/L
    pH 6.0-7.0
    Appearance blue liquid
    Odor may have slight ammonia odor

    ALPINE MicroBolt Cu micronutrient is manufactured by utilizing the highest quality raw materials to provide a very agronomically efficient source of plant available Copper. The chelate used is compatible with high orthophosphate products. ALPINE MicroBolt Cu micronutrient delivers:

    • Maximum plant nutrient solubility - in furrow or foliar
    • Minimal salt index
    • No application equipment corrosion
    • Compatibility with most other liquid fertilizers
    • Tank mixable with most pesticides
    • Low impurities


    Application Rate: Use 1/4 to 1 Litre/ac either in furrow or as a foliar spray.
    Optimum rate of application will vary between fields, depending on soil pH and organic matter content. Product should be used on the basis of soil and/or tissue analysis. 

    DO NOT use at flag leaf stage in cereals

    Maximum of 2L/ac of any combination of micronutrients when mixed with a seed placed starter fertilizer. 

    Role of Copper


    • Copper is important in plant disease prevention - Plant diseases i.e. : net blotch, ergot and pig tailing
    • Copper affects lignin building qualities and is crucial in preventing lodging
    • Copper is important as a co-enzyme
    • Copper greatly affects kernel size and kernel weight
    • Copper and other micro deficiencies are enhanced by too much up-front NITROGEN early in spring
    • The window of opportunity to correct a Copper deficiency lasts until just before heading


    Copper Soil Availability


    • 0.9 - 1.2 ppm in soil test is medium amount


    Copper in the Leaf


    Sufficiency tissue test ranges in ppm

    • Canola: 4 - 12
    • Small grains: 6 - 15
    • Peas: 10 - 30
    • Corn @ tasseling: 6 - 20
    • Soybeans: 8 - 20

     For more specific guidelines, consult with your authorized ALPINE Dealer or ALPINE District Sales Manager for fertility recommendations.

    Product Specifications
    micronutrients.copper 94.5
    applicationMethod Micronutrient