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  • Nov9Wed


    Hundreds of Farmers have realized some of the greatest benefits of the Program during the farm oper November 9, 2016
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    Opinion, Agronomy
    • Time saved from reduced dry application can save many hours, even days, during seeding.
    • There is often more space in the seed tanks for seed.
      • The starter effect of ALPINE G22® typically saves additional days to emergence and, even more importantly, the crop is even and vigorous.
      • An even crop can be critical where crop rotations make equipment timing for seeding, spraying, and harvest some of a farmer's biggest challenges.
      • Experienced ALPINE® users will frequently seed earlier to take advantage of the starter effect.
      • A fast growing, even maturing crop is key to profitability in the Prairie climate.
        • Nutrient deficiencies or moisture, and market opportunities may be addressed through the sprayer or the pivot.
        • Risk of the effects of weather and markets is reduced by not having to replace all nutrition at one time.

     - Keith