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  • May30Mon


    May 30, 2016
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    As I find the 2016 seeding season winding down.  I wanted to highlight a very important stress saving investment when using a liquid fertilizer such as Alpine G22.

    As careful as we all are not to contaminate tanks, it does happen.  If filters are in place even to the point it’s over kill this will keep issues happening before...

  • Apr29Fri

    Spring is here

    April 29, 2016
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    Agronomy, Equipment
    Make sure you circulate your ALPINE tanks if it has been stored over winter Using air at about 7 psi works well – 1 hr per 3000 gals Any questions call your ALPINE DSM - Terry
  • For a lot of growers seeding planting is literally just around the corner (and may have already started depending on what part of Western Canada you live in). One of the most important aspects of spring for a farmer is getting his equipment ready for the field and in my part of the world (Eastern Manitoba), the most important piece of equipment...

  • We all know too well how important it is to make sure all our rates are correct when seeding or spraying but sometimes we get so busy we will let a few things slide; this is never a good idea as it will always come back to bite us. Improper application rates will cost us money!!! Sometimes to double and triple check things is never a bad idea,...

  • Oct23Fri

    Getting tanks ready for 2016

    October 23, 2015
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    As the 2015 growing season come to an end, we start to already prepare for the 2016 season ahead.

    As I travel through my territory calling on existing and potential customers, Storage tanks are part of an ongoing conversation.

    At the end of the season a good practice when storage tanks are empty, ready to be filled again, this is a good chance...

  • Oct8Thu

    Winterizing the Alpine Kit

    October 8, 2015
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    As we enter into fall and colder weather, I often get the question from customers, what do I need to do to winterize my Alpine kit? It’s really as simple as blowing the system out with compressed air to clear the manifolds and lines and making sure your pump is also ready for the cold.  Here is a list of steps you can use to prepare...

  • Sep23Wed

    Fall Tank Fill

    September 23, 2015
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    Opinion, Equipment
    History Speaks For Itself, The Best Time To Buy Is Now!
  • Jul31Fri

    Simple is sometimes better

    July 31, 2015
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    In today’s farming world, equipment is getting quite complex. Sometimes it pays to keep things simple. In the case of Alpine’s G22 application kits, simple IS better. In a matter of a day, a kit can be put on most drills to supply each furrow with highly available ALPINE G22 phosphorus. A manifold run is put near each tower and a...