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  • Before we know it, it will be GO TIME once again!!


    It is hard to believe that the winter is slipping by so quickly once again!! The older we get, the faster it seems to go!!!  Well we just think so?? The real truth is, that the older we get, the slower we get, and the faster things just seem to go!!! LOL. I know, the young guys are rolling their eyes!!! LOL.


    Anyway!!! No matter how fast we think it goes, spring will soon be here. Will we be ready?? I think so!!! We have accomplished this mammoth task many times before and we can do it again!!  Most have been spending the winter planning for the next season, whether it be equipment needs, seed variety’s, chemical and fertilizer needs, agronomy information meetings or trade shows, and yes, even dealing with that tax man!! We have been getting prepared and we have been planning. At the same time looking after our different crops in the bin, marketing and hauling our past year’s production. For some it never slows down, just the outside temperature changes!! I hope most have been able to find some time to get away and “re-charge” the batteries before getting back at it for the spring of 2017!!


    Spring always brings great new excitement, enthusiasm and optimism, it brings on a whole new energy in itself!!!  But what will 2017 bring??? The truth is, no one really knows?? Plan the best you can, plan for a good crop and do your best, that is all you can do. Chances are very good, that if you do that, you will be rewarded!!! Things are looking and sounding good for 2017, lets make it another good year!!


    Have a great 2017!!!