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  • Here we are again, still trying to harvest the 2016 crop and we are already planning the 2017 crop. It is hard to do!!! But needs to be done!! The earlier you make your plan, the better plans you will make, the less stress you will have later, and the better deals you can make on the cost of your inputs. It is no secret that the earlier you plan your crop input buys for the next year’s crop, the better deal you can get. Crop input companies can give better deals to the customers that buy early as it helps them spread out production and delivery over the fall and winter months to help in managing the spring rush. If everyone waited till spring to purchase, book, or to take delivery of the products needed to seed their crops, companies could not supply enough product fast enough. We here at ALPINE are no different, we need to move product in the fall and winter months, we have excellent early booking programs to help manage the rush, check with your DSM to see what programs are available. So book and take delivery as early as possible to get your best deals, not to mention, to make sure you can get the products you want!!! Or the seed and quality of seed you want!!!


    This “of course” does not mean just go out and get it done, or make a purchase, make sure you purchase the correct product for the job?? Get early (accurate) soil tests to know what you need. Make sure you know the best crop variety, fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide and insecticide for the crops you are seeding!!! Make sure to consider what you have done on that field in the past!! Don’t guess!! Double check!!! Make sure you have all the information first!! Then go out and get it done correctly!! You will thank yourself in the spring, and next fall when you harvest a good crop!!


    Happy farming!!!


    - Darryl