Pulse Profit Program

All nutritional programs should start with soil and tissue sampling to maximize profitability

Nutrient ALPINE Product ALPINE Advantage Field Results
Nitrogen ALPINE® injector kit for inoculants No seed treating or tying up tank space with granuler inoculants. Yield results show higher when liquid inoculant combined with ALPINE G22®, than granular inoculant alone.
*Granular inoculant should always be used in addition on virgin pulse ground.
Phosphorus  ALPINE G22® - Starter Nutrition Seed safe P with no burning of roots common with dry phosphate. Healthier, more vigorous root system leading to higher yields - multiple plots from multiple years show increased yields using ALPINE G22® over Dry starter phos.
ALPINE G22® - Foliar Nutrition Applied with herbicide to mitigate stress effects and nutrient tie up in the plant. Crop continues growing through herbicide and environmental stresses.
Potassium  ALPINE HKW18® - Starter Nutrition Combination of P and K in one product. Available source of P for early root development and good source of K to increase standability and plant health.
ALPINE K-Thio® - Foliar Nutrition High K foliar fertilizer with S. Applied at fungicide timing to give the crop a good source of K to aid in plant health and pod fill.
Micronutrients ALPINE MicroBolt Zn® and ALPINE MicroBolt Mo® Can apply with ALPINE G22® in furrow and then followed up with a foliar application as needed. Field scale trials from multiple years showing very large returns from minimal investment.