ALPINE and UAN Mixing Procedures

  • Always add the smaller amount to the larger amount – ie add 3 gals of ALPINE into 15 gals of 28% solution.
  • Check the pH of 28% solution you are using before adding ALPINE–there are a number of different manufactures of UAN in western Canada with different pH ranges. 
    • Typical pH spec. 
      • Yara – pH appox 8 
      • Koch – pH appox 6.5 
      • Agrium – pH appox. 7 pH
      • ALPINE has a pH of 6.4 and if mixed with a product over 7 pH there will be salting out especially at low temperatures like we have in the spring. If you suspect high pH 28% solution add 10% water to the ALINE before mixing with the 28% nitrogen. ie – 3 gals ALPINE and 17 gals 28% = 20 gals total/acre – 10% would be 2 gals of water added to the 3 gals of ALPINE and then mix that solution with the 17 gals of 28% and apply a total of 22 gals of product per acre.
  • Check with your supply regarding the pH of the UAN solution you are using – he will be able to get you a product spec. sheet with the pH on it.