Do and Don't List


  1. After using ALPINE storage tanks, for water from a creek or pond, rinse with javex or chlorine before putting ALPINE fertilizer in the container. This stops the growth of algae in the fertilizer.
  2. Maximum 2 litres of any combination of micros per acre with ALPINE on the seed, especially when seeding canola or other sensitive crops.
  3. Use three-way valve on storage depot system where 28% and Sulphur is stored, to ensure limited contamination of Alpine product.
  4. Always apply the recommended rate of ALPINE.
  5. Ensure that the ALPINE product is placed in the seed track with the seed. Tube placement is critical for optimum results.
  6. EDTA Chelates are the only micronutrient product compatible with Alpine. All others need to have a “jar test” done before mixing.
  7. If you lose pump prime, loosen an end twist lock cap on one air manifold to bleed.
  8. Clean re-furbished steel storage tanks after first year of use, then every 3 years after. Re-furbished tanks out of the oil field seem to have a build up on the walls and the ALPINE will clean it off the walls and it will settle to the bottom of tanks. After that they seem to stay cleaner.
  9. Calibrate equipment every year.



  1. Do not mix liquid Sulphur with ALPINE fertilizer.
  2. Liquid calcium products & ALPINE don’t mix! VERY MESSY!! Do not even use the same transfer pump without triple rinsing first.
  3. ALPINE is NOT COMPATIBLE with 28% UAN Nitrogen. DO NOT MIX.
  4. No Magnesium with ALPINE on soybeans.
  5. No ALPINE on super sweet varieties of sweet corn where organic matter is under 2%.
  6. Avoid running tank or drill empty because air in the pumping system could give re-priming problems.
  7. Do not use Aluminum, Galvanized or Brass ball valves in any situation with ALPINE. They will corrode & fail.