Kit Instructions

Read Full Instructions Before Assembling 

  1. Hand-tighten (very tight) all manifold connections. Manifold may be mounted vertically or horizontally. Horizontally is the preferred set up with the orifice pointing up.
  2. Loop 1/4" hose out from orifice connection on manifold, around and under the manifold, through the hold provided. This stops the hose from being kinked at orifice connection.
  3. Calibration 
    1. Ensure that the pressure relief valve is screwed out halfway when you prime the system, so you don’t wrap the gauge all the way around and damage it when the system takes its prime. 
    2. Loosening off one manifold twist nut (large black at the end of manifold) will allow for easier priming of the system – this removes the check valve backpressure. Tighten manifold twist nut once prime has been gained.
  4. Ensure the fertilizer placement tube is located not so low that it gets hit with dirt or the airflow. Run the 1/4”tubing hose out the bottom of the steel tube for 1/2”.
  5. Always follow hydraulic lines, seed tube or wiring harness on drills when running the 1/4” or 3/4” tubing.
  6. Place the 1 1/2” strainer before the pump and a 3/4” valve on the suction side of the strainer, to allow for easy cleaning. On air drills, with the automatic seed/dry fertilizer calibration feature, place a 3/4" valve after the pump and close during the automatic calibration procedure, allowing ALPINE to bypass and not be lost.
  7. Valve the bottom of the liquid tank on the air drill and close it every night. Do not rely on the check valves, in the manifold, to hold product in the tank over night.
  8. The pump can turn either way but must be mounted upright.
  9. Spray lubricant into steel tubes before putting 1/4” tubing in. This helps prevent the tubing from seizing into the tube over time.
  10. Oil level in pump should only be filled to very bottom of the dip stick. Don’t fill any higher than the indicator on the dip stick.
  11. 2” strainer/80 mesh screen should be used in storage tank & transfer tank to field (not included in kit).
  12. The air valve on pump requires 0 psi. It is NOT for blowing out the pump … only used at very high pressures.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact your local dealer or your ALPINE District Sales Manager

For a PDF document of these instructions, click here

Assembly of the ALPINE Block Manifold system

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