After season maintenance of ALPINE Liquid Systems

... service the same as a sprayer...

1. Flush PUMP with water and remove from drill   

  • Remove water from pump and store with RV anti-freeze
  • Check oil level - should be at the bottom of the dip stick - no higher
  • Should there be any trace of oil around the drive shaft - replace the seal

2. Flush MANIFOLD with water and blow with air - blowing with air is a must

  • Empty water from manifold to prevent freezing. You can do this by opening the end of the manifold and blowing out with air. Unscrew the large black nut and turn the manifold down and drain water
  • Remove screen body assembly. Clean and store inside. 

3. Clean main filter SCREEN

4. Empty and clean ALPINE TANK on air drill or cart (depending on where it is located)

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Liquid Fertilizer

ALPINE G22 is applied in the seed furrow for maximum plant benefits. Its formulation is low in salt, and impurities; making it seed safe for even the most sensitive crops.