Below are just a few of ALPINE's satisfied customers. If you are interested in sharing your testimonial, please email us at info@alpinepfl.com or call (800) 265-2268. We love to hear from our farmers!

Kevin Sparrow Farms    4,200 Acres - Fairfax, Manitoba

“I have used alpine for three years now going on four; I really like the vigour of the plants in cold early springs. we are noticing fast emergence and large root development compared to the fields around us using dry phosphate. I have been using micronutrients with our ALPINE in the seed row and find that a very efficient way to apply the micronutrients I need. when we first set up the ALPINE equipment we found it very easy to install on the drill and ALPINE being a highly available product with low use rates we do not need a lot of liquid storage. The product stores well over winter and ALPINE’s Early Booking Program works quite well.”

Kevin seeds 4200 acres with one 42 foot Seedhawk air drill with a 1200 gallon liquid tank on board, carrying enough ALPINE to seed 350 acres per fill.


Owen Cairns (Hillcrest Enterprises Ltd.)     13,000 Acres - Cornoach, SK

"After being in no-till for over 20 years we were seeing no response to phosphate fertilizer. After being introduced to ALPINE I liked the theory so we tried it for the first time in the spring of 2007. We instantly noticed the quicker crop emergence and had substantial yield increases compared to our checks with up to 25% yield increase on yellow peas. We also like the ease of handling the product.”


Jeff Bouffard     9,500 acres - Kincaid, SK

“I really like the way ALPINE performs in the cold ground early in the spring. We are getting faster and more even emergence with ALPINE. The ALPINE system also increases our productivity with the air drill, as it frees up an extra compartment for seed on the cart. ALPINE is a very simple product to use and we never have problems with the liquid kit on the drill or the liquid itself. ALPINE is very user friendly.”

Jean seeds 9500 acres with one 60 foot John Deere 1820 air drill, towing a 1400 gallon cart with enough ALPINE to seed 460 acres.


Kuhn Farms     24,000 acres - Acadia Valley, AB

“I noticed that the outside round of one of our fields of wheat was very poor and upon further investigation of my air drill driver's records, I realized the ALPINE part of the fertility program was not running. The balance of the fertilizer program was operating. The strip that received no ALPINE was at least 7-10 days behind the rest of the field very early in the season and stayed that way all year long, even through heading. I like the quick start ALPINE gives me in cold conditions.”

Kuhn Farms seed their crops with 2 – 72 foot Seedmaster Air Drills with liquid carts behind to carry the ALPINE. At 3 gallons per acre, they have enough ALPINE to seed 640 acres between fills.


Jordan Schmaus represents about 50,000 acres of farmers in the Viking Area -     Viking, AB

“A number of agronomists in the area are quizzing us on what our program consists of because we have the strongest crops in an area that has only received 4.4 inches of rain. It starts with seed treating, using ALPINE’s seed treatment and then seed-placing 3 gallons of ALPINE at seeding time, as our source of Phosphate along with any required micronutrients. We really like the start we get with ALPINE."